Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laboratory Work

Today in class, we performed Experiment 12 and Protocol 3. The Dean was in the laboratory reviewing our teacher's performance. We used a lot of centrifuges that separate the components of a solution. We continued our DNA extraction from yesterday; it was interesting to see my own DNA floating in ethanol. I felt that following the procedure was very crucial to the experiment, which holds true of all lab procedures. I made many mistakes. It's all a learning process though. My time at Brown is all about learning, after all. I've learned a lot of lab techniques and gained a lot of lab experience. Coming to Brown has helped me greatly.

A lot of the lab procedures are new and challenging for me. I worked under sterile conditions for the first time, and our teacher congratulated our lab group on not contaminating our solutions. Today, I felt really good about the lab. I followed the procedure stringently, and was one step ahead of the game. I finished early, but I was afraid that I had ruined my results.

Afterward, I studied extremely hard with my friend. I read many science articles and prepared myself for the quiz on Friday. The class is very challenging and it is fun, but we have not experienced many lectures. This embodies the practicality of this field and shows the necessity of skills in the lab. Science intrigues me more because of these experiments. The lab work at Brown is much more difficult than that of the classes at Pinole Valley.

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