Thursday, June 30, 2011

Out of Sight, Up at Night

Today’s macroeconomics lecture was all about consumption. Professor Coleman explained marginal propensity to consume and save which basically expresses what fraction of an earned dollar is spent or saved. We were introduced to a lot of equations in this chapter but we reviewed a lot with worksheets and practice tests.

Andrew and I worked together a lot in and out of class. He is a great person to work with. He and I get along very well and we are figuring out how each other’s minds work. Andrew has helped me understand a lot of basic concepts that I was not quite solid on. He is very articulate and can explain things very well. We plowed through the hefty homework load (26 problems) in a combined total of four hours. We worked on the fourth floor in the Science Library, which is a quiet study floor. I found a study room where we could discuss the homework at whatever volume we wanted. Thank goodness for soundproof glass.

Unfortunately, I chose to forgo Tae Kwon Do to finish up my homework. Although there are plenty of things to do in college, you cannot do them all. I really wanted to learn some Korean martial arts, but education comes first. Andrew and I got through the rest of homework. Tomorrow morning we are going to do a quick review with Kathleen before class.

Summer@Brown has really made me eager to read, write, and learn. I am fascinated by all the different courses that other students are taking here. I have been eating lunch with different people and we have substantial conversations about what they are studying. The anatomy class dissected cats today. My friend Aman told me all about the beauty of the inside of a cat’s eye. I was grossed out.

Mikalei put together our Scavenger Hunt victory party today. The 007 floor got together with the second place floor and we watched “Easy A” and ate junk food. I was a little late due to my homework load, but Mikalei was sure to save me an entire box of pizza. There was an entire nail painting party happening simultaneously, which I chose to watch and socialize with the gossipy girls.

My parents called me tonight to wish me a happy early birthday. I am still not homesick. I tell my friends that I do not miss my family that much because I have made a family here at Brown. I am learning to fend for myself and manage my time without my parents telling me what to do. I even take time out of my day to clean my room and desk. I think they would be proud of me. I’m off to bed again. I am seventeen in Rhode Island.


  1. Erin,

    I looked up your birthdate and realized that just about the time you were being born I was beginning my preparations for my retirement. Thanks for making me feel really old--and Happy Birthday to boot.

    Had we known what kinds of things your prof might lecture you on we could have saved a ton of money and kept you home. I could have given today's lecture about consumption. I personally keep several business afloat with my purchases. I have one of those credit cards where they give you a year-end statement showing where your credit card purchases were made in the past year. I always find it amazing that my credit card purchases often far exceed what I earned--even before taxes. I'm not sure how I do that because at the end of the year I'm not in debt.

    I like the sartorial splendor of your lecturer--my kind of guy.

  2. I once dissected a cow eye at the Exploratorium! They *are* beautiful. All that iridescence. I bet a cat's eye is even more beautiful...


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