Thursday, June 30, 2011

Macroeconomics 101

Class today was a true example of Macroeconomics 101. We discussed government spending pertaining to increased GDP. As the government spends money it not only affects one group but in essence that money trickles down to almost every other faction of businesses. For example the government may buy one billion dollars’ worth of roads. The road making company then uses the money to hire employees, and buy materials to make roads. This trickling down method is known as the Government multiplier. So with certain limitations government spending is immensely beneficial to our society. The reason that I said this was an example of Macroeconomics 101 because macroeconomics relates to the economy in the largest scales, and government spending is at the top of large scale economics.
After class I was fortunate enough to study with my amazing group mate by the name of Erin Miller. We studied and did intense work on our tedious homework assignment. It is great that Brown has so many places for studying. We were in a large room all by ourselves, and this allowed us to optimize the work we did. It was good to work with someone on this homework being that it was very tedious. I feel that we about mastered the assignment so I sense a check plus coming our way.
After studying Erin I talked to my friend Milani Lyman who is at Columbia. We discussed some similarities and differences in our programs. Also we talked about our experiences so far and what we think of the East Coast. It was great to converse with a fellow Ivy League Connection member at a different program. By talking to her I felt that I too was immersed in “the city that never sleeps” at Columbia University. Even though I have never visited, from what Milani tells me it is a great college. I will have to do my research to further wet my appetite for this college.

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