Saturday, June 18, 2011

Living in Providence, Center of the Universe

While basking in the Wi-Fi in the lobby of the Providence hotel, I have found some time to blog! A lot has happened since my last post.

Last night, Andrew, Frank, Erinn, Kathleen, and I went down to the gym again to bond and exercise the night away. We reflected on our trip so far and it is great to hear that everyone is doing well and getting the most out of this Ivy League Connection experience.

I talked to Milani Lyman (who will be taking a Presidential Powers class at Columbia University in 5 days) and she is very antsy to get on a plane and indulge in the experiences that we are having here. My family and friends are reading our blog and they have expressed their delight about following our adventures out here on the east coast.

I am enjoying Rhode Island a lot. Last night, there was a ferocious party happening down the street. It seemed as if the music got louder as Erinn, Kathleen, and I turned off our lights to go to sleep.

This morning, we all met up in the lobby at 10:30 AM (we got to sleep in!) to go to breakfast at Tazza Café, two blocks from the hotel. The waitress suggested the homemade crepes with Nutella and bananas, so I got it. It was DELICIOUS. Unfortunately the two crepes did not satisfy my hunger, so I helped Ms. Larson out with the massive blueberry pancakes she ordered.

We will be spending our free day today in Boston. I want to stop by Fenway Park and just check out the city a bit more. Thankfully it is only an hour-long drive.

I’ll blog more tonight! We’ll have a great day today if you do the same!


  1. Erin,

    I know you're not in a position to do so but you need to do something about your camera. You posted a photo here of one of the most vile and disgusting things I've ever seen put on a plate. Please tell me that you didn't order this and tell me that you didn't actually put it in your mouth. This isn't one of those reality TV shows where you get paid to eat awful things.

    Aside from the strange food you all seem to be eating, it's great to read that you're having a good time. From your blogs it seems as though the trip has had its pluses so far--and you haven't even gotten to the reason for the trip.

    Have the locals expressed any concerns ye about this new west coast gang activity seen around your hotel? I keep seeing photos of young people posing like they just got out of prison and are trying to impress the other street thugs. Or maybe they just look like wannabe rappers. Let me know more about this.

  2. Dear Erin,

    I am so pleased that you're enjoying Rhode Island so much! Reading all about your fun adventure and seeing your great photos is surely making all of us - your fellow ILC cohorts - antsy as well.

    I am digging that crepe picture. Can you bring me some to try when you get back to Pinole? Also, when you have time dear pal, please help me get some more information about RISD! I wish I could be at Providence just to learn more about that great school.

    Best of luck to you and all your mates as you will shortly embark on your fun world of economics and biology.

    Take care and happy travels!


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