Saturday, June 18, 2011

What is the Radius of Fenway Park?

Today was very casual because we did not have to wake up very early and drive for hours. All of our college tours are finished except for one coming in a few weeks. We went to brunch this morning at a local restaurant called Tazza. It was quite delicious, but just this added to the essence of our leisured day. After brunch we headed to Boston. We had no real set in stone plan for the beginning of the day, but we set out anyways.

We headed to the famous Fenway baseball park. In the midst of trying to travel there was a massive parade to celebrate the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup Finals. The parade was similar in comparison to that of the San Francisco Giants parade. There was a massive influx of people throughout the city of Boston, in cars, bikes, train or regular pedestrians. We took the T train to avoid all the crowded streets, but many people obviously had the same idea because the train was jam packed. It was a good experience to take Boston’s version of BART, I felt fully emerged into the Boston culture. We arrived to Fenway but were unable to see the field. But just to see the outside and surrounding area was great. This was a real treat for me especially because I have grown up around baseball, and to see one of the world’s greatest baseball diamonds was truly special. The Boston Culture surrounding this ball park was phenomenal. I am glad that we had a day to enjoy some of Boston’s greatest attractions.

After spending time at one of Boston’s finest attractions we spent the rest of the time at one of Boston’s best restaurants, Radius. Here we were joined by Amy Tan (and no not the author) Brown alum of 2009.She was a friend of Grace, another Brown alum we had dinner with previously. She had an amazing personality and great insight into Brown and the college life. She was such a helpful person to have dinner with because she somewhat close to our age, and hence the same process she went through, we will most likely go through. I am glad that we made the connection with her because I am almost 100 percent certain this will benefit us in the near future. Radius held up to its’ standard as a great restaurant not only for its’ food but customer service as well. Because it is almost Erin Millers’ birthday we all sung happy birthday and shared a small cake.

We left Radius and headed back to our Hotel. But we ran into some troubles once we arrived to Providence. We were unaware that there was a Gay pride Parade so when we tried to drive to our hotel, all of the streets were blocked off. We eventually had to park off at a distance and walk through the crowds of spirited people back to our Hotel. Frank and I settled in and went off to bed to the sounds of the blasting music while the ladies in our group joined in the festivities for a while. I am so excited to check into my dorm tomorrow and meet some of my fellow classmates.

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