Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting New People

Being at such a diverse school as Brown means meeting a vast variety of people from not just across the country but from all over the world. I realized the range of people here today when I came across an exchange student from Germany. I met Julia on the bus taking us to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, thinking she was a Summer@Brown student. It turns out that she was a pre-med student tagging along on our shopping trip. I have a passion for linguistics so I was fascinated with her ability to speak German. She even taught me a few phrases. I might take up German in the future after I master Spanish, which I am currently studying.

Meeting Julia made me think about everyone I have met so far. In my class alone, there are 16 international students out of 31 in total. They represent countries including Colombia, China, Korea, Costa Rica, France, Great Britain, and Switzerland. In my house, I know of girls from China, Korea, Nigeria, Turkey, and India. I usually wouldn’t have a chance to encounter such a variety of students. Brown’s diversity doesn’t just come from international students. There are people from different parts of the United States, and that right there can make a considerable difference in our student body. People from Massachusetts might not share the same beliefs as those from California, and this allows us to broaden our views of opinions from people of unique backgrounds. I enjoy listening to other students share their experiences about their hometowns and their lives growing up. I hope other students can learn from me as well.

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