Sunday, June 26, 2011

Popping the Personal Bubble

I came back to my room after my RA meeting and there was something written on the whiteboard on my dorm room. It said, “Turn off Your Alarm.” I remember the RA mentioning that we all had to be considerate of each other’s space, and I thought I was courteous of everyone’s space. I came into my room and I felt embarrassed: my alarm was set for 9:02 AM, but I left my dorm by 9 AM this morning. That is just one of my forgetful habits that I must change before I go to college.

Daily mishaps include: forgetting something in my dorm and not coming back for it even though I need it, leaving my work area covered with books and being so engrossed with my studies I forget an important meet up. I need to remember I am not the only one operating at the dorm.

I have cleaned up some of my bad habits such as leaving my cell phone either off or in a “hidden” place and asking if my roommate if there is anything wrong. College is all about cooperation. If I am to be a part of the system, I must conform so then it is an enjoyable experience. At least I am learning it now when everyone is not stressed and won’t kill anything that annoys them. I wonder what would happen if I did not have such an understanding floor or roommate. Hopefully I did not disturb too many people this morning—I still have two more weeks to go.

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