Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work Plus Play Equals Success

As I reflect upon my blog yesterday I tried to implement my thoughts into today. I did not want to put off my lengthy homework assignment for tomorrow, so I decided to get an early start. I worked diligently on the homework so that I could fully grasp and retain the information. The thing I like about the college experience is that you have so many hours in a day to use for studying and things of that nature. In high school there are many distractions that occur every minute of the day. Many of these distractions leads to me not spending as much time as I should to study. But so far here in this summer college environment I am able to truly focus on my work and hence I am able to acquire a greater understanding of the material.
Today a new arrival of Brown summer college students came. It was quite interesting to look at their faces and their parent’s faces and see quite a bit of uneasiness and uncertainty, but to also that that was me about a week ago. It is amazing to see how much I have developed in just a weeks’ worth of time. I am able to successfully navigate myself around the campus; use my resources to help better my college experience, manage my time effectively, and lastly get out of my comfort zone, and stretch to a place that I have never known.
I also have found another trick to being a successful and happy student, and that is a balance to work and play. So even though today I felt that I was semi swamped with work, I was able to find time to play Frisbee, socialize and even watch a complementary movie provided by Brown. This enabled me to not feel stressed regarding my work load. So all in all today was a pretty successful day.

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