Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bittersweet Moments

Today was the last full day we are going to spend at Brown. I actually had a feeling of denial. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I would wake up early next morning and have the samee routine that we have slowly paved for ourselves.

We had a self-defense workshop where we learned moves from a specialist. It was a 2 hour course and pretty wicked, haha. Us ladies are now stronger than ever so don't think you can mess with us! At the end of the lesson, we all cheered and huddled together. The bond was almost tangible and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else but at Brown with these amazing girls.

Then the closing workshop we had made me realize that it is real-- We are going home tomorrow. The workshop made most of us cry. It was so emotional and I couldn't believe that we wouldn't wake up and go to sleep like this anymore. The routine became so natural so gradually that I didn't realize it setting in.

We all had friendship bracelets that we made from yarn that we passed around as we told each other how our experiences were and who we admired. This sisterhood is really the strongest bond I've ever had between such a large group of people (21). It's so sad to think that we probably wont all be able to reunite again at once.

However, we are already planning trips to different areas where our sisters reside. I love Women & Leadership 2011!

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