Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 17: The Last Supper

I decided to sleep in this morning for a half hour because I was still really tired. I took a shower and headed to the second floor to Cynthia's room. We all headed out for breakfast and then off to class. I ended up helping ten people print their papers, which cut into my laundry money. The class was fun today, especially when Ms. Williams, our chaperone, visited. We turned in our journals so we are done with that and we finished the reading so no more highlighting!

At lunch, I went to print out my action plan paper. Then we met up for class and headed over for our self defense class. Michelle taught us basic defensive and offensive moves, then let us practice on her (don't worry, she had padding). I learned a lot about self defense and I think it's funny that we had this class the day before we leave. a little ironic but it was worth while, nonetheless.

In the afternoon, I went to the Brown Bookstore to get headphones while my laundry was washing. It wasn't until I took my clothes out of the dryer that I realized I accidentally washed my old headphones. Then we went to our last workshop. We got into our last circle and then broke into groups based on class. Our Women & Leadership class made a leadership web, where the first person took a ball of string and passed it off to someone they considered a leader after explaining why they think that. In the end, the string was tangled between us like a web. Then our R.A.s cut the string into short strands which we made into bracelets. Then we broke up again into groups according to our R.A. We played a fun activity until it was too dark to see.

We cried so much in those two hours and I was surprised to find out that no one in the other classes cried like we did. I feel that reinforces our bond. I am truly going to miss the friends I made here. After the emotional workshop, we all went out to Johnny Rockets for our last supper.

I feel like we've known each other for a year, at least. I feel blessed to be in, seemingly, the only class to have this bond. I've shared secrets and dreams with those girls and they are like my sisters. I wish I could take the class again just so I could capture the experience.

These last two weeks have been like a dream.

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