Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brown Session 2 Ladies Take Over

Today was quite a bittersweet day. It was extremely eventful from the start. First off, I woke up in a hotel suite full of six other girls due to lack of planning. In response, the rest of the girls in the Women and Leadership program had to room in one suite because we lost all our other rooms. My roommates and I didn’t mind, however, because these girls were our friends and we thought it’d be a fun sleepover. We even invited Brown Session 1 students to come by and sung an early happy birthday song to Mariko.

Anyways, today we were lucky enough to get to sleep in until 8. There was an extremely formal brunch that we were about to go to at 10:00 and half the girls in the suite wanted to take a shower. We all managed to show up to the lobby early and were soon on our way to the brunch held at a Brown University building for Alumni. There, the Brown sessions 1 and 2 students, the chaperones, the co-founders of the ILC, various alumni from Brown, and a couple of administrative officers conversed and ate a wonderful, final former meal.

Immediately after the brunch, all students walked back to Hotel Providence. Cynthia was wearing heels that hurt as she walked down the brick pavement, so I volunteered to let her wear my comfortable flats while I wore the heels down the road back to the hotel and was noticed for my kindness. When we got there, we started packing our bags to move from the hotel to the dorm rooms. For some reason, everyone seemed to have heavier bags, regardless of whether they bought souvenirs or not.

After our bags were packed, we said our final goodbyes to Brown Session 1 students, who were leaving to the airport after we were dropped off to the University. We were then on our way to our school.

I was surprised to find out that I’m in the same building as my fellow W&L ladies. In fact, we all live either on the same floor or one floor away. We live in the building known as Harkness. My dormmate Georgia is awesome for bringing an air conditioner and an iHome. Although we weren’t able to bond too much due to the fact that we’ve barely been in our dorm room for more than 10 minutes, we’ve made plans to hang out already.

I’m starting the actual course tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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