Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Again

A good night's sleep is all it took to rejuvenate Brown Cohort I. After the 3-week program, we were still brimming with eagerness—so much that we were very excited to return to Brown for brunch. We walked up the hill to Brown with Cohort II, the chaperones, and Mr. Ramsey. It was a nice day.

It was fun to walk through the main green again, and to show the way to the Maddock Alumni Center, which was opposite of the Wriston Quadrangle—where Kathleen, Erinn, and I stayed. Erin was lucky enough to see her ex-Residential Advisor. We also saw a friend who planned to stay for another two weeks.

More importantly, we had brunch with a lot of people associated with Brown. We met admissions officers, deans, students, professors, and alumni. It was very inspiring to listen to the achievements of Dr. Sello, and to hear the insight of students of Brown. He performs research at Brown University, and teaches chemistry. Meeting a Harvard alumni was amazing. It was even more surprising that he would be teaching at Brown! It is always apparent to me that Brown is a friendly school. Brown students are always open and social, and love to meet other people. It's an environment that really appeals to me.

I learned more about the PLME program at Brown, and more about Brown in general. Brown has really interested me ever since I got to know the campus and realized that the people are all authentically amiable. I will miss Brown University and all the memories made there.

After our brunch, we had 3 wonderful speakers. Adrianne and Mariko from the ILC, and Jason Sello from Brown University. Adrianne gave us a history of women in leadership. She incorporated Brown into her well written speech. What she said really made sense to me because I had done a research paper on the second women's movement. I enjoyed hearing more about women and their struggle to get into Brown. Mariko gave a speech about her excitement to begin the class at Brown. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Women in Leadership class. Dr. Sello's powerful speech was about success. He really showed us that we should be motivated. He expressed his belief that success is a result of audacity, which I strongly agree with.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. We bade farewell to Brown Cohort II, and prepared ourselves to leave Providence for an extended length of time. We were ready to go home.

The plane ride was enjoyable, and I was able to watch nightfall literally engulf the plane. It came from a distance and slowly grew until my entire window was darkened. Looking at the other side of the plane, there was still a sunset. Weird view from up high. Once I reached home, I checked my e-mail. In it was a message that contained: "I loved your presentation. LOVED it."

My teacher epitomizes kindness and optimism. Even though I know I was a horrible lab student, she was always very motivational. It made my night to read such thoughtful words from my professor.


  1. That's so nice of your teacher. When certain adults that are always patient and helpful go out of their way to give feedback like that, it means a lot.

  2. Frank,

    That had to be so cool to get positive words of reinforcement from your instructor.

    From all indications Brown-I did a great job of paving the way for the Brown-II cohort


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