Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 6: Brown Is Finally Here!

Brown-I and II stayed over at our room to celebrate Mariko's birthday the night before Brown-I left. Surprisingly, we all woke up on time and got our showers in and even packed our suitcases before heading down to the lobby. Dressed all fancy, we walked to Brown University, which was up a huge hill and marathon runners were running through the streets. When we got to Brown, we went to the Alumni House to have brunch. Not only were alumni from past dinners there, but undergraduates were, too. I told some of the undergrads that I was interested in neuroscience and they pointed to another student, Christopher Belcher, who majored in the same area. We talked until we were called into another room for speeches by Mariko, Adrianne and Dr. Sello.

Then we went back to the hotel to change out of our fancy clothes and drag down our suitcases. It was thought that we would have to walk back up the hill, now with 40+ pounds of luggage. However, Mr. Ramsey had the cars ready for us.

Once we got to Brown, we, as students, were on our own. We checked in and found our dorm rooms. We are all in Harkness House, just on different floors. My roommate is really nice as social. We met our R.A., who took us down to the lawn in front of the dorm to play name games, then we took a tour of the campus to know where our class will be, and then we had our orientation. After that, we went to the dining hall to eat. The food wasn't that great but we had lunch with many people that we had just met. The experience was really enriching. After lunch, we headed back to the dorms, where we had another name game and the R.A. told us the rules.

Then Cynthia, Josie, Alex, myself, and two new friends, Selena and Maddie, went to CVS and Johnny Rockets for dinner. Then we headed back to the campus because curfew was in 20 minutes. We checked in with our R.A. and headed to Cynthia's dorm to blog.

We lost 5 friends when Group 1 left for California, but we made 20 friends today just by saying hi and sharing stories. So far, our friendship spans to London, Beijing, Singapore, Spain, and Brazil.

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  1. Rebecca,

    Sounds like you're getting settled in.

    I hate to sound businesslike but it sounds like you made a really good deal with your friends. You traded in five old friends (who, through their three weeks of intense study at Brown, may have been past their shelf life) for twenty fresh new friends. Try not to wear these new friends out. Right now you don't know how durable they might be.


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