Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 10: Let's Stand In A Pentagon

Today was a really special day in that it was the ropes course. I learned that communication in a group is mandatory and that I can trust those young woman in the class with me. The various courses included a wall that we had to lift people over or small brain teaser-like courses. We had to work as a team, but I didn’t notice I was working as a team until the activity was over. I feel like we bonded even more with trust falls, which now seems impossible because we are extremely close. Many of the courses involved being given “disabilities” such as not being allowed to speak to symbolize the leaders that were successful even though they had a disability.

After the course we had no time to get across campus for a dinner for all the students with partnerships, including us with the Ivy League Connection. I felt special during the dinner because everyone else seemed antisocial whereas we were comfortable and relaxed. I again felt more prepared for events like that and more privileged as we were already used to it.

Ms. Williams visited the dorms to see how we are doing. It was awesome to see her sitting comfortably on Cynthia’s bed. We talked until she had to go so we walked her to her cab. We will be seeing her tomorrow but we said goodbye with a strange sadness.

If there is anything that I learned today, it is that the bonds we made or made stronger are hard to let go of and I want to stay close with my classmates even after we leave Brown.

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