Thursday, July 14, 2011

United Under Ropes

Beautiful Rhode Island
This morning I woke up very excited for the Brown Ropes Course! Josephine said she experienced something similar before at Camp Royal (a program affiliated with Interact) and told me to expect emotions and good feelings to fly around. I found that to be so true.

There were so many activities that involved teamwork and trust. One example is The Wall. It involved a 12 foot tall wall and lifting our fellow Brownies over it using only manpower (everyone participated by the way). After the activity we discussed it and everyone agreed that the wall represented an obstacle and the people involved were the supporters that helped that person overcome it. It was so emotional. Trust was a huge component and brought us all closer.
Our lunch break took place on the beach; it wasn't like a California beach, though. As I took the picture below, I really felt a sense of never-ending friendship—one of those life-long connections. Kisa was able to come with us on the trip and often helped with discussions, encouraging us to really dig deeper into our personal feelings and opinions.
Right after we arrived home, all students who are affiliated with a scholarship program were invited to attend a pizza social. There was pizza of all types (great for picky eaters and vegetarians) and speeches made by some of the Brown Deans. Fellow Leaders (current students that help run the program) were also there for Q&A.

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  1. Cynthia,

    Ahhh, the famous Ropes Course and The Wall--all intended to teach you teamwork and the need to support your teammates.

    I'm afraid I'd have some trouble with that concept. I may have faith in some people but I have little trust. I guess I've been let down too many times over the years and have forced myself to become self reliant. That's a bad way to go through life but I may be past the point of redemption at this point in my life.


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