Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 15: Happy Birthday Mariko!!!

This morning was a sad morning because I fell asleep before I could finish my homework so I was scrambling to complete it. Then we had breakfast where we sat with someone I had never seen before. It was strange because after we made our friends in the first few days, we stopped trying to bring people in. I think that is why we are so close, because we are not inviting new people every day.

Almost at the start of class we sang Mariko Happy Birthday and we began our speeches where we pretended to be an influential female leader. The presentations went in order chronologically. Of course, I decided to be Hatshepsut, an Egyptian pharaoh, which meant that I would go first. However, it was nice to get mine out of the way.

At lunch, we ate at the nicer of the two dining halls. We sang Mariko Happy Birthday again. Then we went back to class. A few people were late so we watched a short film about sexual harassment until they arrived. Once everyone was present, we continued with the speeches. When we finished, four grad and undergrad students came to answer any questions we had about Brown. Once again, I felt really spoiled and privileged to get those benefits.

After school, we hung out until it was time to go to the restaurant to celebrate Mariko's birthday. We sang again, which embarrassed her. Then we ate, and went around saying things we liked about each other.

We left and walked home, where we scrambled to get the birthday cake we bought at the convenience store and find spoons. In the end, we ate it with our hands. Then we hung out in Cynthia's room until it was time to start blogging.

My dorm room is a double, that I share with my roommate Abby. She is really messy and I am really neat. Although we hang out with different groups and have different personalities, we get along great.

When you walk into the room, there is a closet on either side. Then the room opens up. The beds are along the sides of the room and on the opposite side of the room, there are three windows. However, the two desks are back to back in the center of the far wall, blocking the middle window.

The placement of my room is perfect! On my left is the R.A.'s room, so check in is quick and easy. On my right is the bathroom, so I am usually first to the shower. The only drawback is that it is a high traffic area because of those two rooms so the noise level is a little higher, but it doesn't really bother me.

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