Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mariko! I love you!

Today is Mariko's birthday! She is now 16 and we are going to go out to dinner and to the mall to celebrate in a little bit.

Today in class we got to hear the first half of our class give their speeches about Amazing Women. They were first person speeches to explain the life and accomplishments of an amazing woman of our choice. I present mine tomorrow and I am so incredibly nervous. I can't tell who I am speaking about because it is supposed to be a surprise. This is so nerve racking. I'm very anxious to present. But at the same time I know that everyone in the class supports me and wants me to do well and I have a relationship with all of the girls in the class. I have talked to them all individually, so talking to them as a group isn't really any different right? We will see how that goes.

We got to hear from 5 guess speakers today: Prof. Schiller and 5 students at Brown University. They told us about their majors (concentrations) and their hopes and dreams and ambitions. We also got to ask them some questions about admissions and surprisingly enough they said that SAT and ACT scores don't matter nearly as much as we think.Which is a big relief for many of us. They all seemed very nice.

I have also concluded that I am not a feminist. I love men and women almost equally. I have a concern that feminism is too much about hating men than loving women which I am not a fan of. I grew up with 4 girls and 2 boys so I always try to look at both sides of any situation regarding gender issues because I do see that boys don't have it perfect either. However our women and leadership class was not at all attacking men, I really appreciate that about the class.

I was introduced to bubble tea last night. I am still slightly confused about what exactly makes the tapioca balls. The green tea matcha flavor is delicious.


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