Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leadership Ladies Reunite!

Ahh, Rhode Island. How I’ve missed you.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go back to Brown for a second visit because I was chosen to attend the Leadership Institute Symposium on Social Action. However, this trip will only last for 4 days, and it already saddens me to know that the first day is ending.

Today consisted of what seemed to be days of sitting on a plane. Adrianne, Rebecca, and I met with Ms. Kronenberg at El Cerrito High School at 4 in the morning, and to my surprise, our way of transportation to Oakland Airport was a white limo! It was a major upgrade from the crowded shuttle van that took us to the airport over the summer.

By 6:05, we were in flight and en route to Las Vegas, where we were to transfer on a plane that would take us directly to Providence. The Las Vegas casino-like airport played the nostalgic soundtrack of slots and coins falling into collection trays, the lovely noise I would always hear when my family and I went to Vegas every few months or so. We boarded the plane going to Providence and, if I’m not only speaking for myself, all fell asleep for a majority of the plane ride.

We arrived in Providence, Rhode Island at around 4:30 PM, and after dodging traffic, Hotel Providence at around 6:00. After settling in by emptying our luggage bags into the drawers, we got ready for a formal dinner with former WCCUSD students who attend Brown University, as well as Guy, an alumni, and Elizabeth, an admissions officer. Like always, the ILC kept its students well-fed and stuffed. I received valuable college advice from Guy and found out that Cynthia Fong and I have nearly identical food tastes! We left Siena, the restaurant, after gelato and a latte macchiato, and headed off back to Hotel Providence, the place we’ll be calling home for the next three days.

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  1. Josephine,

    Reading your blog gave me goose bumps. I was feeling some of the excitement you were describing without having to leave my home. Plus, I get to sleep in my own bed!

    I look forward to reading your blogs about the symposium when it starts.


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