Thursday, November 10, 2011

Symposium Day 1: Limos and Ventis

My day started at 2 AM, unlike over the summer where we didn't even go to sleep. I arrived first, like a true ILCer, at El Cerrito. About an hour later, our limo arrived to take us in style to the Oakland Airport. It was all smooth sailing from there, unlike last time when our group was new to the travel. I think since there was less people traveling this time around, things were less complicated and time consuming. We even had time to stop and get Starbucks, getting the largest size Venti.

Our plane took us to Las Vegas to our connector flight, taking us all the way to Providence. When we arrived, the weather was on the wet side. Although it was raining, it was just the right temperature to be comfortable and the humidity was non-existent- just like California.

We had no problems getting to the hotel or checking in, so we got to our rooms and settled in. Josie and I put all of our stuff in the drawers and completely moved in. Then we got dressed to go to the dinner. There, we reunited with guests from previous dinners, creating an accumulative meal; as if everyone from last summer was put into one dinner for a kind of "summary dinner". On top of all those familiar faces, we got to meet several Brownies. We talked endlessly about classes, college life, and the Ivy League Connection.

We sadly concluded and got a ride home with Elizabeth. It was truly wonderful to see everyone again but four days is not enough!

"Women & Leadership women deserve limos and ventis" -Madeline Kronenberg

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  1. Rebecca,

    Here's the difference between a guy and a gal: this is twice now that I've read how you all put our stuff into the drawers. Guys would have lived out of their bag for the three days and saved themselves the trouble of unpacking. :-)

    The first time you went back east we had a problem with the shuttle service in that the van they sent wasn't big enough and Ms. K had to get to the airport on her own (thanks to Mariko's folks for driving her).

    When we voiced our concerns to the shuttle service they made it clear they wanted to keep our business so the very next day when we sent the Penn cohort to the airport they sent a stretch limo. I guess they still want our business. What do you think? Should we keep them around?


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