Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brown Partnerships Rule!

Our class is moving at a fast pace. Every day we cover numerous concepts, and Mr. Coleman leaves some material for us to master on our own. Today we learned about globalization, international trade, trade protection, business cycles, and inflation. We continued to graph supply and demand but this time, for the world economy as opposed to only one country. We also turned in our first assignment, and our TA, John, spent the last hour of class reviewing the problems.

I spent the afternoon working on homework while catching up with recent episodes of The Voice. I went to the library for an hour to finish a long worksheet on vocabulary about our recent financial crisis, which we will discuss tomorrow.

At 5 PM, Ms. Larson joined us for a pizza dinner with the Partnership Scholars at Brown. The dinner was held in the Arnold Lounge in Keeney Quad. We met numerous students from Partnerships in similar situations as us as well as five Brown students who are first generation college students. They shared their experiences about coming to Brown and answered our questions about college and the application process. We split into two groups, and in each group, the students wrote three things on flashcards: what they enjoy about Brown, a challenge they experience, and one question to ask the Brown students. The Brown students randomly picked a flashcard and tried their best to answer whatever questions we had. They advised us to seek help from the resources around us and start college applications early. The event was very informative and inspiring, especially hearing from students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds but end up with a full ride to this amazing school.

Tomorrow is Friday! I have many things to look forward to: class on the financial crisis, yoga, and a showing of Inception. I will go finish my homework now.

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