Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain here, Rain there, Rain everywhere!

There was rain yesterday, but today it just piled on even more. Like yesterday this made it extremely difficult to get out of bed. But I did and headed down to the dining hall. Because I got up a little late it was much more crowded, but I take everything as a learning experience. So tomorrow I will wake up earlier so I do not have to deal with the breakfast rush. But aside from that my day carried along nicely. Class went along excellently, we talked about supply and demand some more, this is the true foundations for economics. Also we went over different matters of globalization and trading in the world economy.
After class I went to lunch and ate with an eclectic group of people that I did not know too much. But after lunch our relationships grew from unknowing to strong acquaintances. After lunch I headed to my dorm to do some extreme homework. I decided to get it over quickly so that I could go to bed early tonight. Our homework was to go look up certain financial terms, and answer a few short answer questions. Basically the assignment was getting at the reasons for the financial crisis in 2008.
I finished my homework at around 3 so I looked at my bed, heard the beautiful sound of the rain, and enjoyed the beautiful Providence area while I closed my eyes and took a nap. I was woken up by the strong knocks on my door by Frank. He was waking me up so that we could all attend a discussion panel with other scholarship groups at Brown similar to the Ivy League Connection. We had pizza and discussed certain issues and other features of being a scholar at Brown Summer College. This experience was great, and in addition we were able to see our lovely chaperone again.
After the discussion panel Frank, Erinn, and I headed to the Science library to do homework, study, and even socialize for a while with other students. This went well and after w returned to our respective dorms. Today was a good day overall, and I look forward to what tomorrow holds.

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