Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rainy Days and Thursdays

Yesterday afternoon, I finished up my homework in the Bronson dorm with Jose and Andrew. We did finished up the assignment as a group and I am proud to say that I am getting a lot better at determining changes in supply and demand situations. Practice makes perfect.

I also went to a dorm decorating party and made a poster to cover the blank wall above my bed. Things are getting a lot cozier in J005. All my floor mates agree.

I attended a speaking seminar with Rachel about careers in the medical field in Salomon Hall. Sumner, an RA in Bronson, talked about his current computer science concentration at Brown. I talked to him afterward to hear more about it while Rachel talked to the main speaker, a college lecturer with a Ph. D. Sumner told me that he was applying for an internship at Pixar Animations and that I was more than welcome to stop by the Bronson house to chat about it later. I’m making connections here.

After the seminar, we went upstairs to watch “Freakonomics”, and economics documentary spanning statistics of different topics such as baby names to sumo wrestling.

Macroeconomics this morning went by very quickly. Professor Coleman brought up some new material on comparative advantage and then he skimmed over the next two chapters and what we would be learning in the near future. So far, we have looked through and discussed 267 PowerPoint slides. Out TA, John, blitzed through a review of last night’s homework in under an hour. Economists talk very fast.

It was raining again today, so I after a delightful veggie melt, brown rice, salad, and sausages, I chose to stay in my room and do my big vocabulary assignment. It fit on five pages of college-ruled paper.

The ILC Cohort #1 met up with Ms. Larson on the corner of Benevolent and Brown Streets at 4:45 to meet up for a partnership dinner in Arnold Hall. It was great to see our chaperon again. Being ILC students, we were early and ready to begin. Dean Rose and Jaqueline Newcomb welcomed us and other students began to trickle in from the rain outside. Some of the different partnerships included Minds Matter and the Joyce Foundation.

There were about 30 people at the pizza dinner and after a brief introduction, we split up into two discussion groups. We were instructed to fill out an index card explaining what we liked at Brown, what we found challenging at Brown, and a question to ask the panel of current students that were in our groups. Our Brown students were Paul, Maria, and Thai-Son. They went through our index cards and talked to us in depth about applying for college and what they contributed to at Brown. I really enjoyed this dinner. I felt as though the current students understood what kinds of situations we were in and the fears that we had for the application progress. I talked to Paul after the discussion, and he told me to e-mail him so we could talk more about what interested me and what I might like to do at Brown. After our 5-minute conversation, he gave me a big hug and encouraged me to apply. Everyone is so helpful and loving here!

I’m done with all my homework and I plan to chill for the rest of the night with Rachel and Steph. By the way, never leave your dorm room unlocked. That was the main thing that all of the RAs and administrators here are stressing (besides curfew of course). Steph just moved in to the 007 hall and she totally left her (and her roommate’s) door unlocked. This was just a shame so the rest of the hall welcomed her by TPing the entire dorm. Lesson learned.

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  1. Yes!! Apply to Brown!!!
    And, say hi to Dean Rose for me please! Isn't she COOL?


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