Sunday, July 3, 2011

Almost Done

In a mere two weeks I know every inch of the school. I am so accustomed to the campus that, in one case, I found myself walking automatically to my dorm. Every short cut is found and utilized, and even though I am walking across campus several times a day, I am unfazed by the distance.

I have not been prepared for the weather, which mimics the Bay Area’s tendency for erratic weather. For instance, this morning it was sunny and slightly humid, but within a few hours the clouds came and by mid afternoon it was raining. I came outside to escape the humidity, I turned a few pages and I was already shielding my book from water droplets and retreating to the humid dorm. I am also baffled by the humidity while it rains; I am accustomed to cold weather while it rains, so seeing the rain I grab a jacket, which becomes extra baggage later on. The weather balances itself out in the end, and I enjoy it by sitting in the grass.

I have only four days of my class left and less than a week until I will leave Brown. Although I wish I could have had more time in class, I will enjoy my day off tomorrow and will seek out the festivals of Providence. I anticipate the fireworks the most, since the Waterfire performance was so elaborate.

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  1. Erinn,

    Of course there are areas that are naturally humid but when the weather's warm and it rains, the heat starts evaporating the rain that's fallen and causes part of the humidity.

    We all get acclimated to specific weather types and it can be difficult for us to go into other areas with a different type of weather. We're spoiled with the fine temperate weather here in the Bay Area.

    Even so, the weather in Hercules where you live is often much warmer than it is in Richmond where I live just a few miles away. Then again, the good people of Concord just ten miles to the east of you is significantly warmer than Hercules.


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