Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling

Sundays always feel calm and relaxed. I don’t see students rushing to class or crowding in the dining hall. In fact, I hardly see many students at all. Some can be found on the Main Green playing soccer or hanging out with friends. Some, like me, can be found in the library working on weekend homework. 

I started on my group project in the afternoon today. Our topic is the effect of globalization on China’s economic growth. I began researching on my laptop about why the United States should care about China’s economy and the forces behind the country’s booming economy. I discovered that China is the largest holder of U.S. treasury securities and that China’s economy took off after the 1978 open-door policy enacted by former Chairman Deng Xiaoping. I will bring the information I’ve collected to my group the next time we meet, and we will exchange ideas for our presentation due on Wednesday.

I ate dinner at the Ratty, the dining hall next to my dorm, with Erinn and my friend Dilene. This was my second time at the Ratty, and while my first experience was disappointing, this meal was not. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of food offered. I usually go to V-Dub because I originally thought its food was better than that of the Ratty. After tonight, I’ve changed my mind. While many people say students will get sick of dorm food, I have to say I like it more now than before. Maybe that’s because the food varies each day.
The Ratty

Erinn and I were tired of staying in our rooms so we decided to venture outside. We went on the bustling Thayer Street to eat crepes and pizza in a cone; both were delicious. We also headed over to downtown Providence. We went inside Providence Place Mall, but every store was closed except for the movie theater upstairs. Nights in Providence are warm and humid, even after the rain today. I had fun exploring the city with Erinn.
Providence Place Mall

Pizza in a cone
It saddens me to think that in exactly one week, I’ll have to say goodbye to this college I have learned to call home. Sure, I miss the Bay Area, but I’ll miss Brown even more when I return to California. I don’t even want to think that this is our last weekend as a Summer@Brown student. Time has flown by way too fast.

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  1. Kathleen,

    This "pizza in a cone" concept is a strange one. Even when looking at your photo I still can't quite make it out. You'll have to explain that to me some time.

    While you're experiencing yet more rain we're going through something of a heat spell right now. Warm--uncomfortably warm. We'll work on that so when you return we'll have the kind of summer weather you're used to.


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