Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alone Time is Good Time

When most of my friends were off to the beach this morning I stayed in to not only catch up on some sleep but to work on my project with my group. I figured that if I work hard now, I can play hard later. It was good to be away from most of my friends for the early part of the day because I was able to get some alone time. Being alone allowed me to reflect on how fortunate I am to be at Brown University. I worked in the library for about 2 hours and we began working on our PowerPoint presentation. It was very protective and I am glad that I stayed behind to work on my project.

Today was seemingly uneventful for me. I played cards with a group of friends, watched a couple of movies and just enjoyed my time with the lovely people at Brown. I really realized that I will miss this place. There are so many interesting and intriguing things to partake in, such as; Go to see fire on water, listen to fireworks at 12 AM, walk on the famous Thayer street, eat pizza in a cone, take a yoga class, learn West African dance, take a college informational session, lounge on the main green, or best of all meet new people from all across the world.

So far I personally have met people from Sweden, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, South Korea, India, Israel, England, and so many other nations that I cannot recall. By meeting all of these people from all across the world I was able to learn from them and become immersed into their culture.

Tomorrow is the sacred American holiday, 4th of July. The fireworks have already begun and so has the celebration. I am excited to see the festivities that Providence has to offer. I am sure that I will be able to experience something that I have never had before. This is what I love about Brown as well, the ability to do something new every day. I am sure I will not be able to sleep early tonight because like I said the bombs bursting in the air have already begun.


  1. Andrew,

    Just reading your blog I feel inspired. You have so many opportunities right now and so little time to indulge in them.

    Have you given any thought to how you can recreate some of these activities in your home community when you get home? We can use some good leaders to get things going and rev up the community. I'm betting that any Presidential candidate--even one that may not run until 1932--would get this going now so it can grow into a sustainable part of the community.

  2. Yes Don possibly email me when I arrive back to the Bay Area I think I have some good ideas that I would really like to put into action, I feel so lucky I must share the information in a great way. I am truly excited to get some of these ideas rolling. I am sure that i will need some assistance but I really would like to serve my community.


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