Monday, July 4, 2011

America's Birthday Party

In the early morning, I couldn’t tell that it was the Fourth of July. I expected a festival crowded around the river, just as Waterfire was set up, but I saw nothing.

After a long wait until my cohorts and I walked to the fireworks, I saw the patriotism of Providence. The festival featured a symphony playing movie soundtracks, food vendors and trinkets to buy. After exploring the area and listening to the symphony, we stared to look for a seat. It was only 7:30, with two hours to wait, and there were no places to sit. I estimate that more than half of Providence had come to India Point Park, where the fireworks were showing.

I can describe the fireworks like Don’s camera flash: it hurts to watch, but you must keep your eyes on the flash, less you blink and miss the show. The fireworks were beautifully choreographed. There were also some that I had never seen before, such as a firework that was only a flash and fireworks that looked like words. Although Fourth of July is associated with the colors red, white and blue, there was a significant amount that displayed red, green and yellow.

When the finale finished the show, I walked alongside the multitudes of people leaving; that is when I realized how much half of Providence was; then I was glad that I was walking instead of waiting in traffic like some cars.

Going to the Fourth of July celebration in Providence was a good beginning to the week when classes are ending. Now I must focus on any projects that is expected to be done by week's end.

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  1. Erinn,

    Help me out here: if I were to offer symphonic music when I snapped my photos with my flash, would you all stare at my camera without blinking so much? :-)

    I like this whole idea of being able to walk to anyplace in town such as these public outings. Much better than sitting in traffic for half of the holiday.


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