Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth

The 4th of July was a good day. For me, it was a day of adventure and disappointment. I ventured to Brown's library of music, but was disappointed to find out that all the libraries were closed on holidays. I went with my friend because he needed a haircut, but many of the stores on Thayer were closed for the holiday.

Although we were sullen from disappointment, we were able to occupy ourselves by going to Providence Place, the mall. My friends and I spent time in the arcade having fun. After the arcade, I made sure to read and prepare for class tomorrow. I wouldn't have time in the evening to read, so I made sure to set an hour aside to study.

The fireworks at India Point Park were amazing. I'm not a big fireworks guy, so I was slightly bored, but I hadn't seen fireworks in a long time. Ms. Larson was with us on the grass, and we all watched fireworks together. It was fun to spend the night with the cohort!

An interesting thing happened back at Brown. I was sitting outside with my friend, when an old man started talking to another student. A Residential Advisor called the police, and had the man arrested. Apparently the old man was banned from being on campus; scary stuff.

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  1. Frank,

    Isn't it strange the way customs are different in different parts of the country?

    Had that incident with the old guy occurred at Cal (my alma mater) they probably would have ushered the student away and someone would have started a support group to fight for the rights of the old man and his right to be there and speak to anyone he chooses to speak to.

    What's wrong with you, Frank? Fireworks boring? Bright lights, loud noises and booming skies? How can that be boring?


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