Monday, July 4, 2011

All is Fair in Love and Cluster Wars

I woke up this morning feeling excited because it was America’s day, Independence day--also known as the 4th of July. But then my day began to carry on and I did not feel the same excitement I usually get during the 4th of July. But this was quite alright because every day at Brown is different than I have had any where else. 

After waking up fairly late my roommate and I headed to the cluster wars. A cluster war is basically Brown Summer College’s version of the Olympics except instead of representing your country, you represent your RA. We did various activities from water balloon toss to tug-o-war. These events were very fun, in the end my group accumulated the most victories, but the point system was based on sportsmanship points rather than actual victories. So the team who only won one game won the war, but I was satisfied because it was all just fun.

After the cluster wars I went to do further research with my group in the lounge. We are almost finished with the projects and we just have a few minor additions, and possible subtractions to make. I was thrilled with our progress and our all-around group cohesiveness. We will finish tomorrow definitely and present on Wednesday. I am positive that our presentation will go magnificently and not only will we have learned something from the process, but our classmates and professor as well will have learned something new.

After this we all headed down to India Point Park to watch the Fireworks. As soon as we arrived there were thousands of people, and by the time we got settled in the masses of people by the thousands began to herd in. By my estimate there were approximately 20,000 people, but with so many people my estimate could be completely off. But with all of the festivities, the beautiful fireworks, and the masses of people that special feeling of the 4th of July was ingratiated in my heart once again.

Tomorrow I am very excited to have Brown Session Two joining us in Providence. I cannot wait to see them and Mr. Ramsey. It is always good to see people from home in the same foreign land that you are in. I cannot wait to share all of my experiences and knowledge of Brown with them. I know that this group of young ladies will be very dedicated and excel at Brown.

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  1. Andrew,

    Once you know the rules of this "cluster War", it seems that a team's efforts would go less towards winning and more towards losing with dignity.

    There's merit to losing with dignity but being a magnanimous victor also has dignity.

    On the whole, I think I'd shoot for the latter concept instead of the earlier version.

    I hope you share with us how your presentation goes.


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