Monday, July 4, 2011


Today is the last Monday we will spend in Rhode Island. It is also Independence Day, better known as the Fourth of July. The day was very hot and humid, a sudden change from the rain yesterday. Erinn was craving Dunkin’ Donuts so we set out at 10 AM to satisfy her cravings. Apparently Dunkin’ Donuts closes on the Fourth of July. Understandable, yes, but we headed to Providence Place Mall to see if its stores were open. The Dunkin’ Donuts in the mall was actually open so we were excited to try its famous donuts. Sad to say we were disappointed. Forty minutes of walking in the heat was not worth average donuts that couldn’t even compare to Krispy Kreme. No matter; it was the experience that counts. Providence is also very beautiful in the morning.


Downtown Providence
I met with one of my group members, Ellen, after lunch to discuss our plans for our project. We decided to divide the work between the five of us. I took the sections “why do we care?” and “evidence”. I have gathered a lot of information on why the United States should care about China’s economic growth. China has the second largest economy in the world after the U.S., and inflation in China directly affects prices of U.S. goods. Our group is meeting up tomorrow after lunch to synthesize our individual parts and create a presentation that we will be proud of. I have had trouble contacting two of our group members so I’m hoping that they received our emails. Tomorrow is our final day to work on our PowerPoint, and I’m sure it will be busy.

After meeting with Ellen, I walked to the Orwig Music Library but found out it was closed. Unfortunately, all of the libraries were closed today. However, I discovered the Steinert Practice Center, a building with many pianos and soundproof practice rooms, near the music library. I spent a good deal of my afternoon there and enjoyed being in the air-conditioned, peaceful practice room. The pianos were also very nice and clean sounding.
Practice Room
The highlight of my day was, of course, the fireworks. The five of us met Ms. Larson and walked down to India Point Park, where a Fourth of July celebration was being held. The crowd was enormous. It seemed like the entire city of Providence came out to celebrate and watch the fireworks. The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra provided entertainment before the fireworks began. I was so excited when they played music from Harry Potter as well as Pirates of the Caribbean. The orchestra was spectacular. The fireworks started at 9:30 PM. The sounds of the fireworks were deafening and the actual fireworks, blinding. I saw an assortment of vivid colors and different styles of fireworks. I haven’t seen fireworks for a while so the show was refreshing. I enjoyed watching the show with my amazing cohorts. The thrilling night capped off a well-spent national holiday.
India Point Park
Crowds of People Waiting for Fireworks

Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra
Class resumes tomorrow. Brown Session 2 is also flying over tomorrow. I’m excited for them to come and experience the wonders of Brown! I wish you girls safe travels.

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  1. Kathleen,

    Blog after blog and I'm reading how surprised you all are that these businesses and other buildings are closed on a national holiday. Are you really surprised?

    Many of the TV commercials for Dunkin Donuts really barely even mention their donuts. The commercials focus on their "great" coffee. On the other hand, I was never even aware that Krispy Kremes offered coffee.

    I miss that all of our KK outlets closed up shop a few years ago. After putting out of business most of the mom and pop donut shops Krispy Kremes couldn't sustain their business model here in the Bay Area. We lost out all the way around.

    Glad you enjoyed the pyrotechnic display. All we had in my neighborhood were the illegal fireworks and the normal gunplay.


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