Monday, July 11, 2011

Beyond My Expectations

My day at Brown University was the most pleasant experience I have had so far. It truly was an amazing experience; getting to know people from all over the world and being able to actually RELATE to them! Granted there are a few fun differences (such as different slang) but it just makes the introduction process more fun!

There is a beautiful bond between the girls who live in Harkness. I cannot even begin to describe the amazement I feel. Ladies from all different ethnic cultures and backgrounds coming together and getting along almost instantly without any "fake" feelings. It feels so great and is such a refreshing change of settings.

This morning our group of friends was so large we couldn't fit at one table for breakfast and broke into two groups. I don't think any of us minded because our group can be scrambled into any combination and there would still be conversation constantly buzzing.

We attended Kisa Takesue's Leadership class and I feel that it really brought us together. Kisa is an AMAZING professor and she definitely knows how to teach her material. She made sure there were lots of icebreakers at the beginning which allowed us to really learn a little bit of many different aspects of students' lives away from this campus. Interesting facts were traded back and forth and there was zero discrimination amongst us peers.

We, the leadership girls, bonded further during lunch in which we had to split into two groups again. After lunch, more activities in Kisa's class allowed us to get a sense of what type of leader we each were. It is very interesting to see how we all processed thoughts. There were different opinions on everything and engaging debates kept everyone alert. Homework is not all that bad.. At least not yet.

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