Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today was the day we said goodbye to Providence and hello again to the Bay Area.

Last night, I didn’t pull an all-nighter after all. Everyone was exhausted from the long day yesterday so I decided to sleep as well at 3:30 AM. We woke up in the morning and dressed formally for our brunch with the Brown Alumni Association. Grace had already taken us to the Maddock Alumni Center so Cohort #1 led the way. There, we met with Brown alumni, admissions officers, and professors. Robin Rose, the Associate Dean for Continuing Education and Director of Leadership Programs who we met at the Partnership dinner three weeks ago, was also there to welcome us.

Mr. Ramsey, Dean Rose, and Ms. Kronenberg

We were able to speak with alumni who also served as admissions officers and learn about their experiences at Brown. I learned that most students will switch their majors during college no matter how set they think they are, which sounds discouraging but can be thought of as a positive because in college, you’re able to explore different fields and find the right fit for you.

Talking to alums

After we finished our food, we went into a room to listen to speakers. Adrianne and Mariko of Cohort #2 represented the ILC with well-prepared speeches. Jason Sello, an assistant professor of chemistry at Brown with an impressive array of achievements, spoke after them. Professor Sello attended Morehouse College for his B.S. in biology and Harvard University for his Ph.D. in biophysics. He shared that while he was a solid student, he was never the best in class, but the characteristic behind his success was audacity. His speech was truly inspirational.

Professor Sello speaking
The three speakers

We finished the alumni meeting after 1 PM, which meant that our group had no time to accompany the second group to their check-in at Brown. We said our goodbyes and gave farewell hugs like we’d never see one another again. I am excited for the Women and Leadership group to experience Brown like we did. I know that they will have a wonderful time and make the most out of their two weeks. I found out later from Cynthia that all of the girls are living in Harkness, the house for two-week students that was right behind my dorm. That will be a different experience than our's because the five of us didn't live in the same dorm, which allowed us to meet new people and make new friends.

Our trip home ran smoothly. Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg joined us for our flight back to California. When we landed at the Oakland Airport, our parents were there to greet us and welcome us home. It was touching to see everyone hug their parents after not seeing them for one whole month; I myself was overjoyed to see my father. I will miss Andrew, Frank, Erin, and Erinn so much. We have really grown close throughout our journey, from being almost strangers to great friends. We also had the privilege of having the best chaperone we could’ve asked for, Ms. Larson. She was caring and considerate, and I will miss her too. I’m happy to be back on the West Coast, but the East Coast now holds a special place in my heart.

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