Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 7: Let's Stand In A CIrcle

I woke up at 7AM so I could take a shower without competing with the other 20 girls for one of the four showers. I had some trouble with the water, unable to make it anything but freezing cold. Thankfully, that was the only problem I had.

Us Brownies ran to the Brown bookstore after breakfast to get our textbook. We made it to class and we had a blast. I learned a lot but nothing like each other's names. We spent about a half hour in a circle playing name games. Then we talked about the qualities of a leader and we played a game that involved us picking one of two given words that describes us and a leader and a woman. I never learned more about myself and others than during that hour.

Soon after, it was lunch time and we all sat together and made more friends that are taking a medical class and visit a hospital tomorrow. Since i had a temporary I.D. because I didn't have a picture. So after lunch, I headed to the building to get a permanent I.D. but my two friends and I got lost. Then we met Zeke, who help us navigate and got us to the building. The line was really long and we ended up ten minutes to class, but we had Josephine tell our professor, Kisa, that we would be late so she was okay with it.

We got back to class where we went through a worksheet that had statements about the woman's position in society. We had some group work until 3:30PM. We hung out as a(very large) group. We met with Ms. Williams at Starbucks to discuss the day. Then we went to dinner and to our leadership activity at 7PM. We stood in a circle on the grass while the director of the leadership program spoke. The we broke out into our specific class groups and did a team assessment activity. We built a tower out of newspaper and tape while observers watched what type of leader we were. At the end, we went around and spoke about our first day of school.

Although it was an extremely long day, I had a lot of fun. I didn't talk to my roommate since I got up but she and I say "hi" when we pass each other in the hallway. I feel like we are good friends and we get along really well. After the activity, us ILCers started our laundry so we are checking on our clothes in the basement while blogging in the fourth floor lounge. A lot of stairs!!

I can't wait to sleep and more importantly, the shower tomorrow morning.

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  1. The newspaper tower activity is new. Sounds like an awesome day. I remember the name games, the circle on the grass, and the leader types!


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