Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 14: Back To School... Again

Today we started a wonderful Monday. I woke up from a deep sleep to my annoying alarm clock. I took a longer shower than normal, almost a half hour long. I think that is because I am not used to Mondays. I was half asleep all through breakfast. It isn't that I stayed up late; in fact i went to sleep around midnight.

We went to class where we discussed the reading that was assigned over the weekend. It was hard to remember all of it so we found ourselves going off on tangents multiple times. Then we played a painful memory game where we had to construct a timeline based on the reading. Then we went to the computer lab to research more for our project. I am glad they let us go because the internet at the dorms is low quality. During that time, we met with Kisa to go over our action plans. I had a good talk with her and she helped me out greatly. Kudos to Kisa!!

During lunch, I stopped at the dorms to get my FedEx box to ship back to California. On the way back, a friend and I got ice cream. The wind and rain got the best of us so we went inside early and worked on our amazing woman monologues. Then after we were finished working in the computer lab we went back and stood in (guess what?) another circle! We went around and said how we were going to be good leaders tonight. I told them that I would make all the optional things in life mandatory.

The ILC kids left to go straight to the bookstore to meet Ms. Williams. She bought our Brown hoodies. I, being the shopaholic I am, bought more souvenirs for my family. Then I (attempted) to do homework in the lounge but learned that it is impossible. The guys in th dorm across from us were throwing water bottles again but stopped shortly after when an R.A. came around. I spent the remaining time in Kaylyn's room blogging and doing homework.

When I called my mom to say goodnight and to update her about my day, I almost broke down in tears because I was so upset to realize that we only have four days left! Hopefully I'll run into Mackenzie in L.A. soon but the others live here on the east coast. It has never failed to surprise me how bonded we have become. I see these girls as my sisters and I will always love them!

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