Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Blues

I’m glad I’m making the most out of every day of being here at Brown, but today just wasn’t as impressive as the rest of the days I’ve been here. To start off, I woke up to cloudy weather, a sure fire sign that it was going to rain today. I barely had time to eat breakfast before rushing off to class.

However, as expected, Kisa’s status was a good way to wake up. We discussed our interviews with our “amazing women” and found out that many of them gave the same advice, which is to follow your dream. Also, because our class is really diverse, there were long discussions about how one’s culture affected the way they or their family felt about women’s status in society. It turns out that, in my group, our parents were all from outside of the U.S. They were taught that women were second to men. However, upon entering the United States, these people opened their eyes to the possibility of a career-minded female. They then encouraged their daughters to strive for the highest education and stay ambitious.

After class, we met with Ms. Williams, who bought us all our Brown sweatshirts. Although mine was free, I spent an extra $60 dollars buying souvenirs for family and friends at home.

On the way back to the dorms from the sweater shopping, it began to rain. The only person who was prepared for the rain was Cynthia, whom we all laughed at earlier because she was the only one bringing an umbrella. I guess we spoke too soon!

At 7 PM, a film called “Iron Jawed Angels” starring Hilary Swank. This movie showed the struggles of Alice Paul, a feminist who strived for the right for women to vote. Upon being in jail, Alice Paul went on a hunger strike and was forced fed by the jail administrators. They didn’t want martyrdom in the jail that Alice wasn’t even supposed to be in because she didn’t do anything wrong. Because of her struggles and the media getting a hold of what’s been going on in the jail, the 19th Amendment was passed, which allowed women to vote.

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  1. Hilary Swank is in several other really amazing, good-quality movies. You should check out Boys Don't Cry (also related to gender) and Million Dollar Baby.


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