Monday, July 18, 2011

Empowering the Community

My action plan has been decided and I think it's very achievable. My goal is to create a supportive environment where diverse people (in terms of ethnicity, morals, ideas, etc.) coexist peacefully. The way I'm planning on doing it is going to be a surprise :)

Today was a very nice class session because I was able to get a lot of class/homework done. It was a work day (students worked on their Amazing Women Monologue) while the students had one-on-one meetings with Kisa. Kisa recommended some background research I should do and the T.A. Tiffany said she could send me some material she uses for us as well.

After the meeting as I was leaving, I realize that I want to take a few courses on ethnic studies. I tell Kisa that and thank her for teaching this course because in taking it, I decide on something I might be interested in studying.

The weather continues to be heavy, hot and sticky. I don't think I'll ever grow to like it. I can tolerate it a bit better now, but it still wont ever be able to compare to the beautiful California sunshine. We did, however, have a short period of rainfall. Thank goodness I had my umbrella on me. It really didn't help with the humidity though, haha.

After the end of class, the Brownie 7 went to the Brown Bookstore and met up with Ms. Williams! I'm always so happy to see her, she's amazing. We finally got our long-awaited Brown hoodies. Mine is the pink one and I'm thinking about doing something to it when I get home to make the letters stand out more :)

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