Monday, July 18, 2011

The Things We Do For Friends

Today's class was mainly about our readings and discussing the status of women around the world. It was insane to see how differently women are viewed and depicted around the world and through different cultures.

However, there were some big similarities. In my small group we had a fusion of cultures, American, Chinese, Albanian, and Hispanic. We all agreed that women used to be expected to stay home and take care of the family. But now with more of a revolution occurring around women and society wanting women to get jobs and advance in them, it makes women who actually want to be stay at home moms of housewives feel uncomfortable. It makes them pressured into doing something that they don't want to do.

After discussing that, we realized that we don't want to force women to all go into high positions in competitive jobs. What we want to do is to make sure that women who do desire that have the opportunity and the means to do so successfully. Like I've said before, this shouldn't be about being more than men, it is just about equality.

After class at about 11:15PM (15 minutes before curfew), one of our close friends from class had a bad day and was really sad and she was incredibly upset and out of nowhere says "You know what would have been really good right now? A red Popsicle." Marlie (another girl from class) and I decide that we love the girl too much to let her be upset so we wind sprint to CVS, buy red Popsicles, and wind sprint back to our dorm before curfew. Our friend was overjoyed. This is how we decided to step up and become leaders. We decided that we all have a duty to take care of each other through the good times and the bad times. There is no doubt in my mind that they would've done the same for me had it been me that was unhappy. This is true commitment. For the thousandth time I will conclude with, I love these girls.


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