Sunday, July 17, 2011


The most significant event of the day was the Women's World Cup Final. The entire leadership institute was invited to watch it. Yes, the United States lost to Japan in penalty kicks after overtime. However, I am a die hard patriot and love team U.S.A. win or lose. Hope Solo played her heart out along with everyone on the field. Hope Solo is my hero. I am quite confused about why Alex Morgan didn't take a penalty kick. It was great to see so many people from so many different backgrounds come together to cheer on the U.S.A. 's team. It is just another thing that shows how almost anything can be used to bring people together. I would like to thank Kisa Takesue for setting that up! We were all so glad to be able to watch the game.

We had a mid-week reflection at 7 where we discussed how much we enjoy living in Harkness and how cool the people in our dorm are. I really liked some of the things we talked about, for example our biggest challenges and biggest fears, along with moments we enjoyed the most. It was quite a nice way to reminisce. We also got the opportunity to talk to some of our leader fellows about carrying out their action plans. It was refreshing to talk to some people who had extreme success with their goals.


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