Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 13: Where Is My Bag?

The day started began wonderfully at 11AM. I slept in after staying until 2AM. It was fun staying up with the other girls in our building but I know it'll bite me in the butt tomorrow. We missed breakfast at the dining hall so we went to Au Bon Pain again, and I had the cinnamon roll again. Then I went to the building where our class is at to find the machine that puts money on your I.D. card. With $10 on my card, it was easier to do laundry because I was able to just swipe my card instead of going to five different stores trying to get quarters.

We did laundry, which would've gone faster if everyone in the building wasn't doing there laundry at the same time. The great thing about doing laundry is that it gives you time to just hang out and bond because there is nothing you can really accomplish in 30 minutes.

Afterward, I had my meeting with a Leader Fellow, Laura, who is also a "Teacher's Assistant" in our class to discuss my action plan. She helped me by assigning me a timeline that is due tomorrow.

Once I was allowed to go, we went down to the fancier dining hall. We had never laughed so hard. We cracked joke after joke, improving Cynthia's day. We went to a store afterward and ran into a street magician. He asked me to volunteer and I happily complied. Then I went to the other dining hall because we ended up dining at different times. Many were occupied because their significant others and parents visited. It was wonderful meeting them because it adds to what little we know about them.

Just before the day ended, we had a mandatory "mid-session" meeting. We all met in a lecture hall where four R.A.s talked about their action plans and the challenges they faced. Then we left with our floor's R.A. to have a group discussion about our experiences here so far.

When we got back I realized that my bag was missing. It wasn't in Cynthia's room but I eventually found it in another friend's room. My camera was in there so I couldn't take pictures. Today was long and tiring and I was surprised that I am looking forward to class tomorrow. Usually at home in California, I can't wait until the weekend, but the weekend makes me sad because I know that we have no more weekends here in Rhode Island.

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