Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ready, Set, Action Plan!

There was a workshop today that celebrates the end of the first week of the Summer Program.. at least for our group. There was discussion on our Action Plan and I finally decided what I want to do.

Josie and I are planning on collaborating to prepare a Diversity Presentation/Workshop where we do exercises similar to that of the ones we had in the workshops here. The end results usually come out great and I really hope to create a supportive, accepting school environment. There was actually a show that inspired me to do this. The show is called "If You Really Knew Me" on MTV where an organization focuses on breaking down racial walls and dissolving cliques to create a community where everyone leans on one another. I always wanted this program to come to our school, but this time I believe I can do it.

Olga, my R.A., led an after-discussion where we talked about the good and the bad qualities of Brown. Olga loves Brown and honestly wouldn't want to go anywhere else. a good point she made about Providence, Rhode Island, is that it is just big enough so that she isn't bored and can do her work without getting distracted. That's a great aspect in colleges because you are more disciplined.

Laundry was a must today because I have been lazy and the dirty clothing has been piling up. It's a lot more fun to do when you have such great friends doing their laundry with you. As the machines worked their magic, we did homework and discussed certain topics that we found interesting.

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  1. Cynthia, that's a great idea for your Action Plan. But I'm wondering if all your classmates back in the WCCUSD will be able to let go of assumptions and concentrate fully on the workshops like everyone did at Brown. To put it simply, you might have to do some pre-diversity workshop activities to make sure that everyone is ready and mature enough to handle the heavier material.

    I'll post this on your Facebook wall, too, so that I know you'll see it.


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