Friday, June 3, 2011

Back to the Present: Orientation

June 2nd was the Ivy League Connection Orientation. It took place in the El Cerrito High School Library, where large tables were filled with prospective summer program members. I sat with the Brown Session I group, as we waited for the orientation to commence.

We each obtained an agenda for the evening, and the meeting began. We went over important dates, like when each program would be leaving and coming home. We discussed the extensive packing list, and were reminded not to exceed the 50 lb weight limit. That fact was beaten into our heads numerous times. We were also reminded of the sine quo non of laptop safety, the laptop security cord.

After the large-group discussion, we split up into our individual session groups to go over the itineraries. Our chaperone, Ms. Larson expressed her bona fide excitement to be driving an Escalade in the summer. We were all very excited, and resolved a small problem concerning the summer program application.

After we learned about all our college visits, we returned to the library to hear some final comments, packed up our stuff, and left for home.

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