Friday, June 3, 2011

The One Market Dinner, a recap.

I attended the Brown Dinner at One Market Restaurant. We traveled there via Bart, where I took a quick nap before the night began.

We started off the night by socializing with the other Brown students. The spacious restaurant impress me. While waiting for dinner, we chatted while drinking and eating appetizers. We were able to pose for Don as he captured a quick shot of the Brown group along with Brown alumni.

As dinner started, I noted to myself that I was with quite a friendly group of people. I sat at a table with Erin Miller, her mother, my father, and a Brown alumni. Fortunately, I didn't have to solicit conversation, the alumni was readily exchanging words back and forth.

We ordered our food, and listened to Andrew and Ava speak on the behalf of the Brown students. Many people were recognized, including future Brown students, Brown alumni, and other significant persons.

The event was very pleasant because we were able to familiarize ourselves with each other. The steak was good. The dark coffee was better, as my mind was still on the long night ahead of me before my AP Calculus test.

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