Friday, June 3, 2011


On June 2nd, Ivy League Connection met in the El Cerrito High School Library. I remember back in April thinking, "Oh this is all so distant. Those early May dinners aren't for so long. That orientation isn't even until school is almost out." At this orientation I really realized how soon our trips are! Brown Session 2 leaves on July 5th.

At the orientation we got the chance to see the groups other than the Brown groups, which was nice because it will be one of the few times we really all get to be together. We sat down at our tables after listening to a small lecture about the importance of punctuality and following orders as they are given (which is a good one for me to hear, considering I want to apply to the United States Military Academy). We were introduced to the other groups and their mentors.

After meeting in the library we split up into classrooms in our groups and we were very fortunate to be able to have a quick Q&A session with Kiana, a current student at Brown University, who has been in Ivy League Connection and took Women and Leadership. She was very confident and helpful, I feel that we got a solid idea of what to expect this summer. At around 8:20 PM we were dismissed and all went to home to think about what to post on our blogs!

This meeting has left me even more excited for our experience this summer and I am greatly looking forward to the trip.

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