Friday, June 3, 2011

The School Board Meeting from a Distant Past

In order to present the students of the Ivy League to the community, we attended a school board meeting at LaVonya DeJean Middle School. As per Don's request, in addition to our own motivation, and slightly from the apprehension of possible consequences, we (the students) arrived punctually. We were able to socialize and reacquaint ourselves.
At the meeting, we were able to hear past alumni of the Ivy League Connection speak about their dreams and aspirations and how they had benefited from the program. It was all very interesting to listen to. Also, I was astounded by how systematically the school board operated. Everything was like a well-oiled machine. I liked it.
The individual groups were introduced one by one, starting with Brown Session I. It was nice to hear the chaperones say kind words about their students.
Afterward, we all assembled together for Don to capture his Ivy League Connection photo for the 2011 summer programs. Woe is me, my glasses always glare.

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  1. Frank,

    This was an important event in that the District officials, the School Board members and even the public (both in attendance and watching on their TVs at home) got a chance to see you all ad share in your success. Believe it or not, people feel a sense of pride when they see good things happening in their community.


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