Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1st Day at Rhode Island!

After a long but exciting day, I am now sitting in the lobby having a blog party with all 7 of our Women and Leadership students from Ivy League Connection. We’ve concluded that the major review points of our day.

We met at ECHS at 3:15 where we got a useful briefing about our trip and we took a group photo. We took a shuttle (with a very nice driver) to the Oakland Airport. We took two flights to get to Rhode Island and they were both quite pleasant. We mainly slept through the flights.

We checked into our amazing hotel at about 5:30. We went to our rooms to get dressed for our dinner and then we met back down in the lobby at 6:45.

We ate dinner at Capital Grille with our cohorts and chaperones. We were very lucky to have Kisa Takesue, Elizabeth Hart, and Mercedes Domenech join us for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to speak to Elizabeth or Mercedes. However they seemed to be very warm, friendly people. I was not uncomfortable speaking with them at all because they were so open and easy to talk to. I was able to relax and have a nice dinner with intuitive conversations without panicking or being preoccupied with sounding collegiate. I spoke with Domenech about many topics ranging from the questionable twilight movie series to racial cliques in our high school. I greatly enjoyed our conversation and I look forward to having class with her as my teacher!

At the end of this tiring day, I absolutely adored gathering with my other Women and Leadership buddies. We are all becoming close and shared some great laughs during our blog party. It’s really nice to meet people from other schools and to get the chance to know each other. Every one of these girls is very sweet and considerate and they all took care of me this morning when I wasn’t feeling well. I think we will be best friends by the time we leave and I hope those friendships last my entire life.


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