Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bye Bye Bay Area, Hello East Coast!

Today the Brown 2 group finally set foot on the East Coast. The plane rides were grueling (from Oakland to Chicago, then from Chicago to Providence) and the luggage was hard to handle. Mr. Ramsey was kind enough to treat us TWICE to food at the airports. Thanks a bunch!

When we finally landed in Providence, I was so amazed by how much charm this city held. There are brick buildings as well as more modern pieces of architecture, and plants of every color are all over the place. It is a beautiful little town that holds a sense of peace and safety.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were given out keys and went to our respective rooms where we unpacked a bit and got ready for the dinner later that night with special guests Elizabeth Hart, Mercedes Domenech, and our Women and Leadership professor, Kisa Takesue. The girls and I asked them a lot of questions pertaining to Brown and the college admissions process (application reading).

The food was to die for— I personally got a vegetarian pasta dish that was delicious. There were complimentary desserts at the end of the meal which consisted of expresso cakes and crème bruele with berries.

Mercedes drove Josephine, Mariko and I back to Hotel Providence after the dinner. During the walk to the car, she pointed out the church where students of Brown held their graduation ceremony, Providence Mall, the area where the water fire shows take place, and the state building. Those are definitely attractions that we have to visit before we leave.

Although it has only been a day, I feel our group of seven has already grown closer and through this trip the bond will only grow stronger.

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  1. Great post! I'm looking forward to reading more about the dinner with Mercedes, Elizabeth, and Kisa.


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