Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hot, Hot Day.

In class, Ms. Hall gave us our figure presentation topics. They all are derived from the science articles we've been reading. I received "somatic mosaicism." I had no idea what it was until I went to the library to do research. I was instantly interested. Somatic mosaicism occurs when a person has two different genotypes at the same time. It is commonly seen in chimerism.

Enough of my research topic; class was interesting as well. In class we performed two protocols. We took our DNA and placed it in three different Polymerase Chain Reactions. This will amplify our DNA, specifically parts that we want to compare. We will later compare everyone's DNA to see similar patterns and genetic similarities. It's exciting to see your DNA alongside others on an agarose gel.

We also used our DNA to finish making microscope slides. We were able to look at the slides to find our lymphocytes, and--with some luck-- our chromosomes. Our DNA that we've been using all came from the blood we drew a week ago! The class is accelerating as it quickly comes to an end.

In other news, I visited the music library today. It had hundreds of music scores, and a lot on the history of music. In the basement, there was a practice room with a piano. I found out that one of my friends has amazing relative pitch, which means he can play songs just by hearing them. The amazing part is that he doesn't play any musical instruments.

Other than that, the day was just another fun day at Brown. I'm excited to see the Brown II cohort tomorrow!

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