Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Connections at Brown

Waking up this morning was much anticipated because I was looking forward to attending class, as well as Brown session two’s arrival in providence. In class we discussed aggregate supply and demand and these are just either the amount of finished goods desired by the consumers, or the amount of final goods supplied by the producers. It was fairly interesting, but not as interesting as other days. Tomorrow is our final group project and I am very excited to present our findings. As just a fun fact: if one person were trying to pay off California’s debt individually they would have to pay one dollar every second for over 850 years. This is just to put the debt into more relatable terms.
After class I was able to meet with my mom’s cousin, who is my cousin as well, Rolland Murrary. He is an English professor at Brown University focusing on American literature of the 20th century as well as literature from the Black Power movement. I had never met him previous to today so seeing him and talking to him about our large family and the differences between the family dynamics now and when he was growing up was very interesting. We ate lunch together and then afterwards he toured me around the English department area of Brown. Even though I had never seen him before today, to talk to another family member was a true treat for me.

After this amazing experience I met up with my group one last time before our final presentation tomorrow. We did mock presentations, modified our power points, and lastly made some additions. I am very confident that tomorrow my group mates and I will do an astounding job on our presentations. Our basic plan to reduce the budget deficit is to raise taxes on things such as alcohol, cigarettes, property, services, and other goods. The major income taxes will be placed upon the more wealth California citizens. We figured that if we cut spending’s you would cut too deeply into education, the long term driving force of any civilization. College students would receive less financial aid, and the primary and secondary schools would lose beneficial programs such as the arts or sports.
After completing this, my roommate, some friends and I had a cultural dance gathering in which we all listened and learned dance moves to each other cultural music. It was pretty interesting to see all of the dances that people do across the globe. I believe that you can tell a lot about certain cultures via their dance and song traditions. All in all today was a rather productive and interesting day. As the days get shorter here I am already beginning to miss this whole rollercoaster. Brown is truly amazing.

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