Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 1: Up All Night Before The Flight

Because of the fireworks from the fourth of July, I could not get to sleep. I stayed up until I had to leave at 2:30AM to get to El Cerrito High School. We took many pictures until the shuttle pulled up, which unfortunately was a seat short. Ms. Kronenberg found a ride and eventually showed up at the airport. When we got on the plane, I fell asleep. I felt really subconscious until I saw Cynthia Yip asleep, too. When we got to Chicago, I got some nachos and chowed down until the plane pulled up to the gate. After a confusing mix-up at the gate, we got our seats, and quickly fell asleep for the entire two hour flight to Providence.

We pulled up to the gate at 4:00PM and the first thing I noticed was the air. The moist air quickly made it too hot to withstand. Mr. Ramsey got our rental cars checked out and we were on our way… until our second car suffered a button malfunction. After a while, we were on our way again and got to Hotel Providence where we were greeted by bellhops. The bags were taken up to our rooms where we changed for the dinner at Capital Grille.

I was pleased with our seating arrangements as I was seated between Kisa Takesue, the Woman & Leadership teacher and Elizabeth Hart, an Admissions Officer at Brown University. Mercedes Domenech, another Brown Admissions Officer, sat across from me. We had a very delicious dinner and the dessert was better. Afterwards, we chatted about movies, books, and colleges. After the bill was paid, we took more pictures and our guests gratefully took us home.

When we pulled up to the hotel, we went up to our room and changed out of our formal wear and (for me) into pajamas. Then we went into the lobby where we started our blogs. As I sit down to write this blog I realize that I made so many new friends and today wouldn’t have been as great without them.

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