Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color of Brown

I finally know (some of) the secrets of Brown! I was told by Grace this afternoon when she came to see us. I learned about the underground tunnels that run from the Ratty to the frat dorms, which Kathleen, Frank and I live in, but unfortunately they are closed off. There was also a mansion that is reserved for alums, which few Summer at Brown students get to see; the mansion was privately own until it was donated to Brown. I found a new place to study beside the SciLi, but I wish I knew about it sooner—the SciLi is very distracting since there are computers everywhere—and it has air conditioning and games so that is a plus. And I must mention how many souvenirs I got just by being with Grace; Grace is familiar with many Brown officials, so she has a lot of connections.

Summer at Brown is nothing like the actual Brown during the school year. I find this statement to be repeated several times over between RAs and the alums that I have spoken to, and as I compare my experience with Grace’s I am overwhelmed by the difference. There is the Brown that I have seen for the past three weeks—walking to and fro class, getting to understand the campus and the buildings, cooperating with students within class—then there is the Brown that I have heard from the alums—a great community, a place where you will never be bored, a place where everyone interacts and is friends with everyone. I am more compelled to go to the Brown that I have been hearing from the alums. Everyone that goes to Brown wants to be there, and the students are selected by whether or not they are “Brown.”

I want to know more about Brown, but after the end of this week I must do the research on the Brown website and from alums that I am in contact with.

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