Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Reunion

Today was the day for our final group project. We were the first group to present, and we set the bar high if I may so myself. Many of our classmates and our teacher commented on how interactive, informative, and just how good our presentation went. I think that our success was due to the strong cohesiveness of our group and our resilient dynamic to persevere in difficult moments. This whole trip though has taught me to do just this, overcome certain obstacles, continue to endure, and not give up until my goals have been met.
Aside from our presentations there were two others. The first group discussed whether an interactive government imposing high taxes, but offering great financial aid packages was better for an economy in the long run. This group came to the conclusion that in order to have the most successful economy a government must find a nice middle ground between interactive and not interactive. The second group presented on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their basic finding was that this type of war has more negative connotations to the economy than they do positive correlations. The estimated cost of the war is now at about three trillion dollars.
After the group projects we met with recent Brown Alum Grace Yuen and she just wanted to talk to us and show us a little more of Brown, and also she showed us some of the places she worked while at Brown. She even managed to get us some free items from various Brown staff members. It was great to talk to her outside of a formal environment and to just casually talk and spend some time with her.
After this fantastic experience, my roommate, Frank and I visited an informational session pertaining to the path to becoming a doctor. Now I am not interested in studying medicine, but I figured any opportunity that I can get to gain information that I can pass on to people from my community I should take that opportunity. I actually learned a lot even though truthfully I expected not acquire this much knowledge about an area I am uninterested in.
We also met with Brown session two at Johnny Rockets. It was such a pleasure and delight to see their faces and to converse with them. We gave them advice and just helpful hints about Brown and the summer college experience. I feel that not only did they benefit from this, but we all did as well because it allowed us to reach deeply into our memories of two weeks ago and reminisce and reflect on the great experiences we have had.

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